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I’m Charlene and I run Paperback Social. It’s a blog focused on books mostly- reading them, talking about them, laughing about them, drinking next to them. Carrying paperbacks everywhere, judging them by their covers (the only way), getting off at Brixton instead of Green Park because you forgot to look up. Being sad because your crush laughed when you suggested a buddy read (after they’ve asked what it even is).

Not to mislead you, this blog is not only about paperbacks, I read hardbacks too. Its just that Hardback Social sounds……..even more misleading

Expect to see book reviews, recommendations, lists and the occasional ramble masquerading as an essay inspired by a book. There will be at least one post a week on a Wednesday, so remember to take a peek!

The intention is for Paperback Social to be…..social……so feel free to leave comments about your thoughts or even DM just to say hi or collaborate. If you’re a bookstagrammer, drop your Instagram name below. If you’re a book blogger, drop your website URL below too. Also interested in pop culture, magazine and design blogs so you can drop those below as well!

What books? African lit, British lit (especially writers from London), contemporary, some classics, American lit, essays. non fiction as well as fiction, occasional graphic novel, a lot of Black and Asian writers


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