We’ve been on varying degrees of lockdown for about 64 days

Every so often we are told it is ok to go out for a little more ‘exercise’ than we were allowed to the previous week. Now we are allowed to do all the exercise we want to so obviously people have taken this to mean we can crowd the beaches?


Today I saw a tanned up, svelte bodied hottie running on THE ROAD like we are in RIO?? UK has never been into exercise this much.

Yesterday we got a bit of a huff and a puff from a guy who had barely ironed his shirt. A speech started with a ‘Sorry I’m late’ which wouldn’t be amiss at the beginning of a casual Zoom meeting. Didn’t say sorry for anything else though. Rules don’t apply.

Thank God for small mercies, we live near a park that doesn’t get over crowded so we can go for scoots and jogs. Even I’m doing it now. The exercising, not the scooting. Not enough, as per bathroom scales.

It’s been a weird, scary few weeks. I just know even when they say it’s safe…it’s probably not safe. I’m about to keep that distance FOREVER

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