POSTSCRIPT is a publication I stumbled on by accident some time last year. I think I found their Instagram page and immediately loved the look and approach to the topics discussed. I ordered a copy of the Reinvention Issue before Christmas 2019 and being me, lost it in my packing and moving process!  Got another copy recently, loved reading it

POSTCRIPT is an exciting bi-annual cultural anthology presenting ideas and thoughts from incredible Black and Brown women across the diasporas. Each issue is themed and features articles, essays, art, interviews and contributions from inspiring modern women. From the Reinvention issue, I particularly liked the article on Decolonising The Museum, the round table on mixed race identity/politics and the personal account of scarification.  You can read some POSTSCRIPT articles here

I really like that it encourages critical discussion and nuanced thought about our roles and visions beyond the lines of tradition.  It’s beautiful to look at too, I’m as shallow with layouts as I am with book covers. It’s why I like Instagram


Book Stuff (obviously)

There are some brilliant book recommendations in the POSTSCRIPT Library, I already own a worrying number of them. The Bookshelf from the Defiance issue is curated from the Dialogue catalogue by Sharmaine Lovegrove.

POSTSCRIPT are currently running a Kickstarter for issue 4

Im quite excited to read it, The Reverie will focus on escapism and trascendental liberation. It will feature an interview with Akwaeke Emezi, a roundtable on sex and sexuality as African women and work from one of my favourites, Irenosen Okojie 

You can find out more about the campaign and pledge here

Motherhood Untold

Motherhood isn’t experienced in one way only. It shouldn’t be defined as such either. Since becoming a mother myself, I’ve become increasingly curious about how women experience motherhood differently. All are valid, I’ve learned no one else can really paint that picture for you. We should respect and allow for what other women see of themselves on that journey or outside of it.

Motherhood Untold is a collection of six short essays by six women exploring unconventional motherhood and challenging what is expected of mothers. It highlights intersectionalities, such as race, class and sexuality, giving a platform to discuss the difficulties faced by Black and Brown mothers in modern society.

Check the images for the essay titles. A little more on them in this space once I finish- I’ve only read two and a half!


POSTSCRIPT was founded by Chinasa Chukwu and Elvira Vedelago



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