It was interesting to read this in retrospect, No Is Not Enough was written in 2017, not long into Trump’s first term 

Naomi Klein splits the book into sections. It looks at the role Trump’s malicious superbranding played in his victory and at where where we are now. Also talks about things could get worse and more importantly how prospects could be made better. 

I really should have read this in 2017! Klein talks about the impending catastrophe of not only a Trump presidency but also the systems that made it possible. Three years later in 2020, I think we can attest to the catastrophe it has been. 45 might be on his way out but those enabling systems  and players are still here.

Two things about the book I found most interesting: One was how corrupt leaders use economic and societal shocks ( eg 9/11, Katrina) to drive their own agendas- I didn’t read The Shock Doctrine, I probably should. Being that Covid-19 could be leading us up to one of the deepest global recessions seen, we are in a precarious position right now. Global responses have already begun to divide us further. 

Ends with intention to inspire action

The other thing I liked was how hopeful the message is. It ends on a high note with the Leap Manifesto . It is not enough to say no passively. Continued active resistance is needed. Specific, actionable demands for an alternative are need. And we’ve seen so much of it From the Black Lives Matter movement to #Endsars to Women’s marchs and Climate activists- we see resistance.  Klein discusses organised, collaborative approach to standing against environmental destruction, White Supremacy and exploitation of vulnerable and Indigenous communities. 

This book does seem to re-hash bits from No Logo and Shock Doctrine. No Logo (one of my favourite non fictions) had more of an impact on me in part due to the fact that I’m only reading this one now. Would have been exciting to read a few years ago!  It’s a hard comparison because No Is Not Enough was written only in a matter of months as opposed to No Logos years of research. No is not enough is still an important book and as always, Klein’s writing is easy to read if you are a lay person like me. 

No Is not Enough By Naomi Klein published in 2017 by Penguin Books

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