One of those months where I read quite a bit, most of it I enjoyed alot. It’s rare, haven’t been able to read as much in Feb so far. Good start to the year – in books at least! January’s Books! A film I’ve had my eye on all year (all 1.5 months of it) Is One Night In Miami. I’m excited about Regina King directing too! The reviews are looking strong so far

How The One Armed Sister Sweeps Her House by Cherie Jones– This is a great read!  It begins with a cautionary tale told to protect a young Lala from a curse that seems to befall all the women in the family. Lala didn’t listen. What follows (and precedes actually), Jones weaves into a blazing trail of interconnected character narratives. Fast paced, cleverly written. Reviewed it here

Not About The Burqa –  As soon as I saw the contributer list for this, I wanted to read it. The sheer range of Muslim women writers voicing their own perspectives caught my eye. Many of the writers pointed out that there aren’t enough instances of Muslim women being given a public  platform to speak for themselves. On their own terms.  They really did that here. I will be writing a review of this soon

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe – A re-read of this classic was even better the second time round. Needs no introduction. Some thoughts on it here, seems like there are things to discover with each new read

The Cost Of Living By Deborah Levy– I’ll admit, I’ve always liked the cover of this one! One of the books that make up Levy’s memoirs- parts of it were very touching, particularly where she writes about her mother and daughters. Other parts were meandering and I wondered if necessary. It’s well written, I know its good- I probably just wasn’t in the mood for all of it!

The Streethawker’s Apprentice by Kabir Kareem-Bello – One of Jacaranda’s Twenty In 2020, Kareem- Bello writes from two perspectives about a rich kid who is kidnapped and wakes up on the streets of Lagos having lost his memory. It gives some perspective on life from an angle we don’t often hear about.

The Woman Of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor– Another classic! I know I will be reading more by Naylor, the story telling talent is undeniable, although not an easy read


One Night Miami

I usually would have watched the film I feature here. Would love to see this. A  film about the fictional meeting of four icons in Miami, 1964. Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke crossing paths at the Hampton House and then hanging out sounds incredible. To top it off, it’s directed by another icon, Regina King! The versatility!  The talent is immense

Would have loved to have seen this in the cinema instead if that was ever a potential option. Corona will never let us know

Malcolm And Marie– I’m having a hard time getting past that age gap between Zendaya and David Washington, it will distract my viewing. The visuals look interesting though. Let me know what you think if you’ve seen it! I have heard wonderful things and terrible things


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