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Hi,  I’m Charlene and I run Paperback Social. It’s a blog focused on books mostly- reading them, talking about them, laughing about them, drinking next to them. Carrying paperbacks everywhere, judging them by their covers (the only way), getting off at Brixton instead of Green Park because you forgot to look up. Being sad because your crush laughed when you suggested a buddy read (after they’ve asked what it even is).

Naturally books can make you go off on a tangent. So sometimes Paperback Social is about Insecure Season 2, Episode 4…. And then Adichie’s Americanah.

What books? African lit, British lit (especially writers from London), American lit, mostly contemporary, some classics, some essays. non fiction as well as fiction, occasional graphic novel, a lot of Black and Asian writers across the board.

At the moment it’s mostly book reviews, writing, recommendations, lists etc written by me. The plan is to expand on the ‘social’ aspect so feel free to leave comments about what you think or even just drop a message to say hi or collaborate. Maybe some day, it will be an event!  paperbacksoc@gmail.com


About Me….

I’ve always loved books more than most other things. As a kid, Christmas was a pretty easy deal for my parents- I’d just ask for those! Unfortunately I grew into one of those people who will pick up anything with a good cover so I have stacks of books and magazines just chilling around the house.

Charlene Profile_HEYCHANTE (2)I’m Ghanaian and have lived in London all my life so although I read most things, I have a special place in my heart for African literature and books by writers from London/UK. Interested in a range of books – Basically the stuff under ‘What Books?’ above.  

In the day, I work on business projects with a management consultancy. The rest of the time you will find me with a paperback (or hardback) in my bag while I eat, travel, watch movies, do other general stuff and my favourite: hang out with my beautiful family.


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