I am very much blaming Instagram for me getting this on the blog so late! I posted a wrap up there and just didn’t get round to putting it here. I’m thinking of Newslettering/ substacking these wraps because I love doing them but also I dont know how consistent I could be soooo..

I had plans to get some decent reading done through Non Fiction November (who started that? how did that start?). Not only did I get some done but they were all bangers. Everyone of them. Including one of the best books I have read all year- Things I Have Witheld could even be one of the best books I’ve read ever. Actually, three books I read last month contend for best books I have read this year and the fourth would also qualify if I was anywhere close to finished!

Empire Of Pain– This had me hooked from the beginning. No matter how prepared you are, it’s always shocking to see what people are willing to do to maintain power and wealth. This informative, engaging investigation into the Sacklers’ (massive) role in the opioid crisis also raises questions on the purpose of philanthropy. Reviewed here

Things I Have Witheld – An incredible work by Kei Miller. Even from the introduction, I found myself pausing, re-reading lines. Just blown away by what this man can do with words. These personal essays examine the significance of silences in personal, societal and racial contexts. There are spaces filled with what we do not say- What is implied and whose interpretation matters? Why were we silent? Anyway, magic. See here

The Sex Lives Of African Women  I just loved reading this collection. Put together through interviews by Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, this book shares candid sexual experiences of a number of individual women in Africa and the diaspora. Truly one of a kind. The spectrum runs from monogamy to polyamory to celibacy. Cis, trans and queer women speak; Bi, hetero and gay women speak. What’s special about the book is that it genuinely seems to fully belong to all of them.

Black And British – I’ve mostly been listening to the audiobook of this for a few months and was excited to continue this month. It really is like pandora’s box in making me realise there’s so much to learn about our history here. Olusoga is so thorough with well research. Im taking my time with this and know I will have to pick up the book to do some underlining


Don’t ask me why I was in the cinema so much last month. Probably hiding in the dark. Wasn’t in love with any of the films I saw although all were very appealing visually. Especially French Dispatch

No Time To Die – This was a date film, I’m not sure I would have seen it otherwise! Started well but then got . Remi Malek and Lea Seydoux were so good in this though. Malek does villain so well, I was scared.

The French Dispatch–  I had pretty high hopes for this, I did love the format  and visuals BUT I only really liked 3 of the stories (is that most of them?) Benicio Del and Seydoux (again) were brilliant in the first story, I loved that.

Dune– Dune was pretty stressful. The soundtrack was stressful, The voice was stressful, all the sand. Please. But again, beautiful and I have a feeling that the second instalment will be better so I will be back. I know I won’t read the book so the film is going to have to do it! Also, Oscar Isaac was really wowing. Scene stealer. Every scene. stolen

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