…Can’t make these disappearances too frequent! Apologies for delays in message/ email responses…A lot of stuff has been happening, had another adorable little baby Paperback just over a month ago……posts might be a bit more sporadic but I’m still here baybee!

Look out for new blog posts! Playing catch up a bit, reading books stacked over the past few months

A few reviews to look out for, links to be added here soon…..

Bad Blood is incredible, the audacity and confidence Holmes had in her own hype cannot be overstated. I’m talking Kanye levels. More even. Can fraudulence be a super power? Is fraudulence a word?

Friday Black has been giving me a good dose of surrealism x social issues which is unusual, haven’t finished it yet but so far impressed

Little Fires Everywhere covered many themes in relatively few pages, main characters were easy to empathise with. It’s a good story but I think I should have read it before the hype

I Might Regret This is a light hearted, personal notebook. Broad City fans will like it as its exactly what you’d expect from Abbi- some gems and some absolutely nothing passages

Print above by the brilliant Dennis Osadebe picked it up quite a while ago at an illustration fair, one of my favourites, love where his imagination is



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